trying to catch my thoughts with words

A matter of taste


Define experience 

That’s just that

Seeing right through

It is time

It is a curious thing. Death. 

Thank God life is that short!

Imagine sadness taking forever to end.

Imagine gladness morphing into jaded-ness.

Imagine having wrinkles permanently marked the rest of our long, long lives.

Imagine ploughing through life’s drudery with no sign of relief any time soon.

Imagine the horrors of seeing happiness turned into misery because we start taking it for granted.

Imagine having to witness self destruction generation after generation.

Imagine no release from terminal illnesses.

Imagine no refuge from war.

Imagine no redemption from pain.

Imagine Imagine Imagine

Imagine having to take forever just to be able return to Him.

Thank You for allowing life here to be that short!

There for you 


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