The last two days have been a little rough, Modern Philosophers, so when I got home to The House on the Hill tonight, I immediately fled to the roof for some solace.
As always, Gary, my faithful Gargoyle, was perched at the edge of the rooftop, watching over my home and ready to lend an ear.
“I thought you might come visit me tonight,” Gary said in ways of a greeting as I settled in next to him. Gargoyles have a keen sense of hearing, and Gary doesn’t miss any sound I make inside the house. However, I didn’t think I’d said anything at all last night. “I can hear your sighs, your worried breathing, and the difference in the way your heart beats when it’s heavy.”
I opened up to him, as I always do, because he’s a great listener and has a proven track record of giving me sound advice. I told Gary about how The Girl Who’s Too Far Away To Hug had had a rough day yesterday, and I was worried and frustrated because I wasn’t there to help her. She didn’t have my shoulder to cry on, and I was unable to wrap her in one of my enormous hugs that always made her feel safe and loved.
“Do you have any idea what’s it like to love someone more than anything else in the world, but not be able to hold her when she needs you?” I asked, so stupidly, because I was too caught up in my worries.
“Of course I do, Austin,” Gary replied in a way that told me he was letting me off easy for my boneheaded comment.
For those of you who don’t recall, Gary is married to a Mermaid. He cannot be in the river with her, because he would sink. She cannot be on land with him because she would be unable to survive out of the water for an extended period. However, they have found a way to cuddle up when needed. Gary will hold her in his arms, and then fly just above the water to allow her to remain partially immersed.
“You just have to find a way to fly with your Mermaid,” Gary told me with an encouraging wink. “I know it’s difficult with her being so far away, but I hear you talking to her on the phone and tapping out emails and texts to her. You’ve discovered ways to still hold her close to your heart even though she’s in a different time zone.”
I tried to explain to him how it wasn’t the same, but it was like talking to a stone wall. “You’ve found the love of your life,” Gary pointed out. “Even if you never get to hold her again, or dance across the living room, or kiss her for so long that you both get lightheaded, you’ve found your better half. Right now, I can hear your heart pounding faster simply because you’re thinking about her. You might be lonely in the sense that you can’t just turn your head and see her smiling at you, but when you close your eyes, you see her doing just that, don’t you?”
My eyes were already closed, and I could tell I was smiling.
“Always remember, no matter how heavy your heart gets, it will never be as heavy as a Gargoyle’s.” He tapped his stone chest to make his point.
How Gary got to be so wise, is just another of Maine’s unsolvable mysteries. All I know for sure is that I’m lucky he chose my house to watch over.
After our little pep talk, Gary took me for a flight over Bangor. It’s hard to worry about anything when you’re speeding through the sky on the back of a Gargoyle.
We came across an enormous rainbow that seemed to go on forever. “I bet you that rainbows ends at the very building where The Girl Who Fills Your Dreams is currently sitting and thinking about you,” Gary told me confidently.
I’d never seen a rainbow that stretched for 1400 miles, but I wasn’t about to start doubting Gary at that point. His theory sounded perfectly sound to me.
To The Girl At The End Of The Rainbow, I just want you to know that I’m thinking about you, I miss you, and I love you…